Raymie Award

Presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to the Hunterdon/Warren County Athletic Association.
YearAwarded to:
2020Not Awarded
2019Brian Eick - North Hunterdon
2018Mike Welsh
2017Ken Garay - Tennis Tournament Director
2016Al Stumpf, Athletic Director - Voorhees
2015William Lunger - John Goles Wrestling Tournament; Warren Hills
2014Robert Rusin - Belvidere
2013Robert Rossi, Athletic Director - Hunterdon Central
2012Paul Petro - Delaware Valley
2011Nick Holgash, Athletic Director - Warren Hills
2010Herb Stecker - Phillipsburg
2009Jennifer Spieker - Hunterdon Central
2008Pete Fick, Softball Coach - Hunterdon Central
2007Jim Brenly - Efingers Sporting Goods
2006Steve Gibble - Hunterdon Central Wrestling Tournament
2005Robert Hopek, North Hunterdon/Sal Patti, Voorhees
2004Bob Seal - North Warren
2003Mike Hughes - North Hunterdon
2002Sam Jefferis - South Hunterdon
2001Kurt Weaver - Belvidere
2000Lowell Snare - Review Sports Editor
1999Tap Webb - Delaware Valley
1998Dr. Bob More - Hunterdon Orthopedic
1997Joe Steinhardt - League Assignor
1996Jack Kays - Phillipsburg Catholic
1995Dave Swetnam - Warren Hills
1994Gene LaPorte - South Hunterdon
1993Dennis Ditze - North Hunterdon
1992Ray Mantoni - Phillipsburg Catholic